On Greener Grass Design Decisions

When making technology choices, most of us have to learn the hard way that almost every single decision we take comes with a trade-off. Most of the time technology choice A will have some advantage over technology choice B and vice versa. Very rarely a choice will turn out to be “Pareto-dominant”, meaning superior along... Continue Reading →

The Trouble With Platforms

It almost seems like a rite of passage: Every company sooner or later discovers they need to build a “platform”. The idea is simple: If you find the common denominator behind the company's development activities, you can build the tooling that allows future projects to be more cost-effective provided they make use of the same... Continue Reading →

The Inverse Darwinism of Software Projects

I have become increasingly interested in understanding why it is so common for softwares projects to end up in the famous “Big Ball of Mud”, a state in which the incidental complexity of a system reaches a point that makes every small modification extremely painful. Only once we understand the reasons we can design strategies... Continue Reading →

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